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“Sounds of balafon woods, blown reeds, shimmering strings, caressed skins, everything streams with a primary, melodious, lyrical emotion. »

Musical group
Yan Kadi

All public show.

Instruments: kora, soukou, djembe, balan, flute, doumdoum, tamani, bara, goni and  kamélégoni, dialogue with each other for the recognition of a trans-ethnic African cultural identity. This mixture of instruments unknown in Europe manages to make us understand African culture, as well as to highlight the riches of their continent.

A repertoire that defends the African cause and the wealth of the country and its people.

If Yé Lassina Coulibaly produces quality artistic work, he also wanted, through his creations, to act as a citizen of the world.

Thus, its repertoire strives to defend universal values by denouncing attacks on nature and human dignity.

Witnesses to his commitment, his texts speak to us of respect and protection of nature: the fight against deforestation, pollution, water scarcity, climate change; its texts also refer to the difficulties encountered by women and men: lack of employment and training for young people, high cost of living, privatization of public services, insufficient health and education infrastructure, difficulty in undertaking, alienation of certain people in the face of growing globalization,... The repertoire does not forget the respect and dignity of the human person: condemnation of pedophilia, condemnation of forced marriage, freedom of expression claimed, respect for the elderly, praise of difference, fight against racism… The ambition of yé Lassina is to carry and support those who are deprived and voiceless.

With his texts, Yé Lassina Coulibaly also transmits to us all the pride of his country; by recalling its richness in natural resources, by singing the beauty of the landscapes, by saluting the courage of the men and women or by emphasizing their hospitality and their joie de vivre.

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