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As a citizen of the world , my approach today and my concerns for the planet lead me to share with you all my thoughts and concerns relating to the future of our Earth.

My musical repertoire  and my artistic research bear the imprint of these concerns: water, drought, the pollution of nature, man, education, economic and social justice, alienation, the autonomy of peoples, the plundering of the natural resources of poor countries, the drift of Western societies towards globalization.

As long as there are functionings where some, for profit, will deliberately leave human beings in misery, as long as inequalities and aberrations will put the greatest number of people and the very principle of life on earth at risk, my melodies will defend these causes.

On the planet, the elements are all different  and complementary. However, man does not sufficiently respect these fundamental elements and is gradually destroying our planet. The leaders of this world remain blind and deaf to the effects of deforestation, nuclear waste, industrial and agricultural production, despite the natural disasters that are multiplying and affecting the entire planet: melting ice, floods, fires, pandemics...

The development economy has no color or smell but men, once powerful, become proud and harden the laws… Isn't it time for the rich countries to share their wealth by being grateful and teaching a lesson of humanity?

For example, if the United States has become powerful, it is thanks to the economy of immigration and lobbies. Selected immigration has always existed, it is now assumed to protect the economy of rich countries. However, when we buy the brains of a country, we participate in its impoverishment.

We are  in a world  of beliefs, of various civilizations, surrounded by rational people,  of scientists, and we do not take enough account of the invisible world.

The global model  of industrial society, of consumption, of the search for profit, globalization, instead of improving the condition of man have  only isolates him, weakens his autonomy,  strip him of his part of humanity, cut him off from the fundamental elements of nature. The development of digital technology and robotization only worsens the dehumanization in progress...

The education of the child aims at his individual success and forgets to put man back in touch with the riches of nature and the values of humanity.

Since the domination of money, solidarity and concern for others have disappeared. Any exchange is paid for, we believe that money buys everything, but it is false, money does not buy dignity.

Another world is possible, we are not doomed to suffer the ravages of this globalization and the cynicism of the elites, we must seek alternatives.

My other peaceful commitment is the fight against racism, which I also mention in my musical repertoire.

Music, beyond its cultural and aesthetic value, must above all  promote communication and openness between men and generations, regardless of their social origin.

What can bring people together is the human fiber: emotion, shared pleasure, suffering, loneliness, isolation, the bag of desire  staff who are never satisfied to the last breath…

You have to tell people: the world is at home, it is not dangerous, but a bearer of wealth, understanding it through its cultural diversity is already learning to live better together.

The first thing for civilizations to respect each other is for humanity to take into account  the value of each culture whatever its mode of expression, considers all civilizations in their diversity and their complementarity in order to banish any idea of superiority or inferiority.

Each of us must open up to realize that our own culture is valued by the culture of others.

Seeing the human behind the different origin makes you want to approach him to understand and identify the fear that prevents knowing.

My modest experience allows me to testify that the difference is always strange… Aren't we all strangers when we face others who don't know us?

Fear and indifference prevent recognizing the richness of humanity:  one race, that of man.

Humans, laws cultivate barriers, and judge on appearances.

If everyone spoke more with their hearts rather than their heads, we would avoid hatred and isolation.

Nature was not mistaken in distributing wisdom to men regardless of colors and continents.

I would like to salute the personalities who, through their courage, their talent, their openness to others  or their resistance, have defended and asserted the rights of human beings in their differences.

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