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musical writing

Artistic encounters.

"My Melodic City aims at creation, research and artistic experimentation with different composers and ensembles sensitive to Africa, particularly to African art and I am ready to collaborate, whether in Burkina or in Europe, on the realization of cultural and artistic actions to explore new territories, whatever the style of music…

A reinvention of African music

Listening to the world and respectful of the African cultural heritage, from which he draws inspiration as an artist, author-composer, Yé Lassina composes surprisingly topical music. Curious and attentive to contemporary and traditional musical forms, he reinvents African music through encounters with Western creators and daring artistic projects, without forgetting the voice of his ancestors. His research aims to expand the melodic possibilities of traditional West African musical instruments. The culmination of this musical journey is the creation of balafon polyphonies whose playing is in perfect harmony with his musical research.

The originality of this artistic approach produces catchy and enjoyable melodies that will enchant more than one ear, even jaded. This admirable musical result, carried by the enthusiasm and the joy of the instrumentalists to share their artistic discovery, outside the agreed musical paths, reinforces the artistic choices of Yé Lassina whose faith in the capacity of African music to conquer vast audiences beyond beyond borders has never wavered.

The repertoire, entirely composed of original creations, is inspired by the course of life, the joys and vicissitudes of daily life, the values of African wisdom carrying the beneficent breath of the ancestors. However, the repertoire can be easily tamed, the emotions that this music evokes are free of any cultural barrier. This artistic approach thus opens the field to a fruitful artistic and cultural dialogue and to a hypnotic musical form.

The child of the red earth is an exceptional and talented character who lacks neither ideas nor humour.

Endowed with an unusual sensitivity, Coulibaly is a thinker who has relied on his profession as a musician to decline his reflection in more eclectic and universal fields: culture, philosophy, health, environment...

Listening to current events in the world from which he draws inspiration as a researcher and songwriter, Yé Lassina offers you albums that bear witness to his sensitivity to attitudes of intolerance and injustice.

It is the same approach that leads him to offer shows and meetings with other creators and composers, to contribute to the protection of nature, to improve communication between humans and that everyone respects each other on this earth. .

Yé Lassina has a repertoire from which it is possible to collaborate on projects by other artists who want to try new experiences.

The first ambition of the artistic director Yé Lassina is to break down the barriers between people to leave room for the simple happiness of being together while listening to cross-cultural music.

A Yé Lassina concert calls for unity, forges links between musicians and audiences of all ages, between Africa and the world.

Yé Lassina wishes to bring his artistic knowledge and his human sensitivity to professional structures with a cultural vocation, or such as youth centers, festivals, national stages, works councils, and all those who wish to create events. .

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